Many Kaldorei yearn to see the world and find their proper place in it, and Lulusa is still searching for hers. Raised in a small Blackshore village, she was destined for greatness among the Priestesses of Elume; until a tragic confrontation in her youth caused her to change her path.

Learning the ways of the Emerald Dream instead, she has become a skilled Druid with notable mastery over Nature magic. Embarking from Moonglow, she set out to do what she could for the downtrodden and wounded souls of the world.

Charismatic and enthusiastic, she became an ambassador of the Alliance, where she met her current employer, Lord Talmat. Under his wise counsel, she hopes to one day be a force for good in a world beset by so much evil.


Not every Void Elf finds meaning and purpose under the banner of the Alliance. In recent days, many have turned to mercenary work, finding more to life than the ways of their people could offer them.

Kelsier is one of those, a powerful warrior with plenty of experience with the shadier parts of Kalhimdor. Going wherever he wishes, he lends his skill to those with the gold to pay for it, and has stayed one step ahead of any threats to come his way.


With the experience of millennia behind him, Talmat is a Draenei whose words bear significant weight. With his considerable knowledge of the arcane, he was a natural candidate for the position of ambassador to the magical city of Dalaram, where he currently serves as the envoy of his people.

Given his high position, he is rarely able to attend to matters personally, and so he has a number of assistants and helpers to better accomplish the many tasks that he undertakes. After meeting Lulusa and discovering her tenacity and willingness to help heal the scars of war across Arzeroth, he has personally taken her under his wing.

With his guidance, she very well could do great things in the name of peace.


Strength is all that matters in the Horde. The weak are downtrodden, and the strong rise to the top.

As chieftain of the Redfury Clan, a band of mercenaries and slave traders drawing from all of the races of the Horde, Vorzok has proven his strength time and time again. Victor of countless battles, he is well used to taking whatever he wants.

Hardened by war and his brutal occupation, the shaman cares little for the thought of peace, knowing that only displays of strength will accomplish anything in this world.


Pain and struggle will break some people and strengthen others. Zaira is the latter, having been refined by years of conflict and fighting.

Rejected by her people because she was born different from her kin among the Draenei, she was still devastated by the deaths of those that she cared for later on. Since the tragic loss of her home, she has traveled the world, eventually finding a new life among like-minded warriors who looked to her for guidance. Now she is caught up in a new war, fighting to keep a dangerous power from spreading out into the world and bringing others the same pain that she has felt.