Mark of The Wild is a sexy fantasy comic set in a certain MMORPG (if you know what I mean…), it contains magic, some funny situations and tons of sex. Tells the story of Lulusa Wildmist, a Night Elf Druid who seeks her place in the world as an Alliance diplomat, hates conflict and will do and risk everything necessary to avoid it, using her body and her charms to achieve it, sometimes making herself be a bargaining chip. If you enjoy this comic, you are probably a PERV!

Lulusa was created in 2017 as my first game character (of the same MMORPG),Was she my first OC? Nope, but she’s my best known one!
The creation of her story was somewhat a challenge, but after sharing a lot of scenes with others Ocs in commisions I’ve worked on, and watching people creating cool backstories, it helped me to give more form of how Lulusa personality is. It was a great idea, so I had to continue!
I’m happy to have her as my artist main image? Sure!, doing some Lulusa chibis and memes has always been fun!

In August 2020 I wanted to make a little experiment with Lulusa my druid character being auctioned in a short comic adventure, (I swear I wanted it to be short!) But some people encouraged me to continue with this story, I couldn’t believe people were enjoying it so much, so I had to go on with the story! And I wanted to take this chance to include other people’s characters there (I’ve always liked drawing OCs from other people, not just mine). I found exciting to know that others could enjoy seeing their OWN characters shown in my stories as much as I, sharing funny, exciting, sexy and lewd scenes! I wanted to turn all this into my personal project as an artist.
Additionally, I could count on a team of people who help me in this dream: Animators, writers and artists who make my life much easier, they advise me, teach me and criticize my work a lot, but it is invaluable knowledge!

*OC – Original Character
*MMORPG – Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game


Hey! I’m Luisa, a Colombian artist who started in her little world of hentai art at Hentai-foundry in 2017. I’ve been a geek for many years, anime and some MMORPGs have been my inspiration, but generally I’m a lazy girl with sense of responsibility on some days of the month.

I’ve worked in several places as graphic designer (I know, it sucks…), also I worked designing things for religious missionaries and designing stuffed animals, and each job has contributed a little grain of sand to shape my life as a freelance artist, and that’s how it was!

Now I spend my time 100% to commissions and comics, and I couldn’t be happier!

Additional info? Ask me!